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The Stay Club Camden is ideally located to make the most of student living in London with transport links to Privilege Center within 25 minutes. Set in the center of a fantastic and diverse area. Camden Town offers a combination of amazing nightlife, cultural hotspots, and easy travel to areas such as Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill. Away from the ordinary bustle of Central London, Camden is a vibrant jewel with its own pace, culture and lifestyle. Famous for icons such as Amy Winehouse, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones there is always something different to do and see.



22 500 DH Per Person



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Immeuble Saada-5, 2ème étage Avenue Hassan 2, Centre-ville Rabat (En face de la station tramway Medina-Rabat)

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Immeuble 25, Avenue 2 Mars, Bab Khemiss, Salé



Imm du Centre Allal Ben Abdellah,Rue Allal Ben Abdellah, 7ème étage,Aprt 45,، Centre-ville،

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Centre commercial Kenitra (intersection de la rue Mohammed Al Khamis et de la rue Mohammed Al-Diori) immeuble du centre-ville A no 22, 1er étage Bureau no 1

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